What to do with Broke Boys ?

What would you do if you found yourself in a the following situation?
You decided to throw a party and now it’s time for everyone to leave. When you are getting ready to relax at home, you find that one of the guests is sleeping on the couch. I know what I would do, if it was boy-next-door Johnny Rapid that I found sleeping on my sofa, but what would a straight guy do?
In this scene, straight guy James Dickson (who’s never made a Broke Straight Boys scene for http://www.greengay.com/ before) is the one that is faced with this decision. At first he is understandably a little pissed, but what can I say? Johnny, with his bedroom eyes and boyish face, can be very, very persuasive. He is able to gain James’ sympathy so that he can stay and even gets him to admit that he’s horny!
After making all of that progress, James is still still being stubborn. He’s a straight guy after all and he’s not supposed to like broke boys. I think if it was me, I would’ve have definitely given in by now. However, Johnny is very persuasive and after a few minutes, James allows him to touch the front of his pants.
Every little step counts and pretty soon James’ man toy and golf balls are out of his pants and Johnny is slurping on his shaft quite expertly. After pleasuring James for several minutes, Johnny decides that it’s his turn. Always a fair player, he tell James he can do whatever he wants in exchange. Happy to take him up on the offer, James goes down on Johnny in what becomes his first BJ scene; done exclusively for us.
Although, the sucking is excellent, Straight Boy Johnny is craving the toy in his bottom and, before long, he leaps onto James’ hard boy toy and begins bouncing up and down. Johnny gets double the pleasure when James begins stroking his hard friend. Not able to take the pleasure, Johnny soon explodes in a classic cum shot with James quickly following suit. Check us out for more hot scenes just like this one.

Broke Straight Boys – A full story about a scene

The Next Bottom (part 3) stars Sebastian Young and Sam Northman in a hot and exclusive scene from Broke Straight Boys. BSB is doing so super-frequent updating at the moment with a new crasy scene coming on line every day, and you can find these either at the site or via the network. Either way you get hot and well-made wild scenes with top hunks and new broke amateur boy models together. I downloaded this scene as a mobile version and found the quality perfectly acceptable on my desktop even at full screen.

The Next bottom is a game show with a difference. It starts off with a glittery opening and is hosted by Charlie Harding; it’s another of the excellent on-going series of movies from Broke Straight Boys. In this episode, Charlie introduces the show which carries on from the previous episode, which he recaps for us. There are three doors and the contestants behind them, someone gets involved from the audience and… well, the setup is not that important though it is fun and offers you more than your usual scene intro. We get to know Sebastian, chosen from the audience, and then we meet Sam, from behind door number one.

The guys start making out, in front of the host and ‘studio audience’, and then get drawn into the more private area and asked to get on with things. Charlie eventually leaves them on their own and the real fun starts. Both guys are hung and cut and whereas Sebastian is inked, Sam is ink free, smooth and slim. Both get hard instantly and a good section of cock sucking starts. This carries on as the guys strip down, revealing all of their fit bodies, we get in close on the action and then pull back so we get the best of both worlds. And then it’s time to actually drill the hole of the next bottom and in this case it’s Broke Straight Boys Sam Northman.

The initial penetration is done slowly, but soon Sam’s got the hang of it and craves that boy toy deeper inside of him. He squats on Sebastian’s length while his partner wanks his long toy for him, giving him double pleasure. The guys swap positions, Sam gets taken doggy style, then on his back where he jerks his toy until he shots his creamy cream out over his stomach. And all the time Sebastian is building up his juice in his nuts. He finally lets his go onto Sam’s shoulder and the show is over. Well, not quite. Charlie comes back for the follow up interview and we look forward to another broke boys show in the, hopefully, very near future.

the best trickery – broke straight boys

Well, if I saw Paul Walker hanging around, and if I was in a position to be able to get him on my own, even if that meant by broke straight boys trickery, then I would go for it. I mean, cute face, even cuter accent (British, Liverpool), great body and known for being well hung and well horny, this is my kind of guy. Especially in this scene from Men Of UK where he’s in tight black pants and somehow looking even sexier than usual. He’s waiting for a plane and the steward and his assistant are thinking about starting boarding. But they have a game up their sleeve.

Lionel Lilac, who made his debut appearance in Cockpit Boys Part 2, returns for part three. He’s the steward and he’s a bit horny. He and his mate set Paul up, having a bet between themselves that he’s an ‘eight incher.’ And so they decide to give this particular passenger some preferential treatment. And you can bet it’s not going to be the free newspaper and a glass of bubby before take-off. As soon as Paul walks onto the plane he’s grabbed and kissed. He’s just got time for a ‘What the…?’ before he succumbs and decides that when the mile high club beckons, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. He’s down on Lionel’s mouth within seconds.

And before long straight boy Lionel is down on his dick, and yes, it is an eight incher. Right there in the doorway to the cabin, he’s down on his knees and all our dreams of sex with the sexy airline steward are coming true right before our eyes. Lionel’s face gets a good banging, Paul’s cock and tight nuts get a good licking and sucking and very soon Lionel’s ass is getting a good pounding. These two don’t waste any time. I mean, the aircraft is probably on a tight schedule with a take-off slot it can’t miss, so the ass banging if pretty fast and furious.

But there is a pause, a layover if you like, as the guys get back to some more sucking laying on the floor and Lionel manage to get all eight inches into his mouth and down his throat, his face pressing up against Paul’s now full nuts. And then our steward is riding that cock while pumping his own and you can feel the broke straight boys engines starting to wind up. Paul’s works harder and faster, Lionel is pumping harder and faster until he’s taking off and shooting his load. Paul is not far behind and dumps his load onto his steward. Now that’s what I call a first class cabin service.